thumb willard  alexander LLCWillard & Alexander, LLC A simple address site.

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thumb_connecticut_valley_school_of_woodworking The Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking is a site for wood works looking for wood working classes it is a content management system maintained by the schools president Bob Van Dyke.

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thumb_dovetail_woodworks Dovetail Woodworks is a framed HTML site, like the tailors shirts it is in need of updating this was the first site created by me in 1991 for my outdoor furniture company and has a simple secure order form. Unknow to me at the time this was the start of Dovetail WebWorks.

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thumb_elm_motors_incElm Motors, Inc. Automotive Service is a starter web site and is an example of a business card site with an added page though the customer can't edit the site himself I do update it for him from time to time.

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bob_and_joan A personal site created for my mom and dad and is a content management system that my dad maintains. This site features a simple template with a weather module and a photo gallery.

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tom and carole butlerA personal web site created for Pam Guenard's mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary. hundreds of pictures were scanned, corrected and added to the web site gallery.

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Web Site Portfolio

Fred Bird Photography

thumb_fred_bird_photography Fred Bird is a local photographer located in Ellington, Connecticut this site is a content management system with a photo gallery that Fred uses to show and promote his commercial photography business.

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